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  Case No Action Date License Name City Determination
CON-2019-107 1/28/2020 Unregistered MARCIANO JR PRADO GRANGEVILLE ID 83530 Consent Order
CON-2019-100 1/28/2020 Unregistered BHRS LLC MIDDLETON ID 83644 Consent Order
CON-2019-98 11/13/2019 Unregistered JASON KIMBRELL JEROME ID 83338 Final Board Order
CON-2019-97 11/13/2019 Unregistered NICHOLAS RUSSINGER BOISE ID 83705 Final Board Order
CON-2019-71 11/13/2019 Unregistered GRANT BEATY PARMA ID 83660 Consent Order
CON-2019-69 11/13/2019 Unregistered JUAN CAPETILLO NAMPA ID 83651 Final Board Order
CON-2019-63 11/13/2019 Unregistered BRAD WEST GARDEN CITY ID 83714 Final Board Order
CON-2019-30 9/17/2019 Unregistered GORDON ERIC PETERSON MCCALL ID 83638 Final Board Order
CON-2019-28 9/17/2019 Unregistered DAVID H RODRIGUEZ TWIN FALLS ID 83301 Final Board Order
CON-2019-34 7/23/2019 Unregistered VAN SHAW ENTERPRISES LLC DBA A-AWESOME CO FRUITLAND ID 83619 Final Board Order
CON-2019-7 5/24/2019 Unregistered JASON GRIFFIN SPOKANE WA 99208 Final Board Order
CON-2019-24 5/24/2019 Unregistered JEFF HILLIARD BOISE ID 83709 Consent Order
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