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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
WWP-2018-8 2/7/2018 WWC4-15951 TIMOTHY A HILL GARDEN CITY ID 83714 Final Board Order
WWP-2018-6 2/7/2018 WWL3-17825 BRENDA D WICKHAM BLISS ID 83314 Consent Order
WWP-2018-5 2/7/2018 DWD1-11715 DERICK J VOLPEI CALDWELL ID 83607 Final Board Order
WWP-2018-2 2/7/2018 DWD1-18071 GLENN O BERTRAM ONTARIO OR 97914 Consent Order
WWP-2017-1 2/7/2018 BAT-15476 RANDY A MELIUS HAYDEN ID 83835 Final Board Order
WWP-2016-3 2/1/2017 BAT-829 WARD WALSTON SALMON ID 83467 Consent Order
WWP-2016-6 5/4/2016 WWT1-13098 GEORGE A MOONEY BOISE ID 83709 Final Board Order
WWP-2016-4 5/4/2016 BAT-13822 BRENT J ARTE NAMPA ID 83651 Final Board Order
WWP-2016-2 11/10/2015 BAT-632 KEVIN DEAN TINKER JEROME ID 83338 Suspended - non-payment of Child Support
WWP-2016-1 11/4/2015 DWDVSWS-10759 MARK S HIDDLESTON MOUNTAIN HOME ID 83647 CE non-compliance
WWP-2015-9 11/4/2015 WWC4-16842 DENVER R BEAR NAMPA ID 83651 Final Board Order
WWP-2015-8 11/4/2015 BAT-13267 KEN J REIMER COEUR D ALENE ID 83814 Consent Order
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