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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
WWP-2015-7 4/29/2015 WWC4-13637 DAN J ERSKINE PARMA ID 83660 CE non-compliance
WWP-2015-13 4/29/2015 WWT1-14396 LONNIE G RAY PRIEST RIVER ID 83856 Final Board Order
WWP-2015-11 4/29/2015 DWD2-11263 TODD D PERRY OROFINO ID 83544 Final Board Order
WWP-2015-1 4/29/2015 BAT-16107 MATTHEW S PANIDIS SPOKANE WA 99207 Consent Order
WWP-2013-9 11/14/2013 DWD1-12803 STEVE D JANSON PLUMMER ID 83851 Consent Order
WWP-2013-11 11/6/2013 WWC1-13724 CHRIS KELLER KUNA ID 83634 Consent Order
WWP-2013-10 11/6/2013 BAT-13596 CHRIS KELLER KUNA ID 83634 Consent Order
WWP-2013-18 8/7/2013 BAT-825 MIKE ROBINETTE TWIN FALLS ID 83301 Consent Order
WWP-2013-8 5/9/2013 DWD1-16925 MICHAEL WARREN BANKER HAYDEN ID 83835 Final Board Order
WWP-2013-7 5/9/2013 DWT2-17195 JOSEPH LYNN CAREY PRIEST RIVER ID 83856 CE non-compliance
WWP-2013-14 5/9/2013 BAT-16126 JOE RICHES MCCALL ID 83638 CE non-compliance
WWP-2013-13 5/9/2013 DWDVSWS-11588 MICHAEL D STEWART BRUNEAU ID 83604 Final Board Order
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