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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
SWO-2014-3 3/18/2014 LCSW-666 KEN S PETERSEN CALDWELL ID 83605 Final Board Order
SWO-2013-27 3/18/2014 LMSW-25659 COREY BAUER SPOKANE VALLEY WA 99206 Final Board Order
SWO-2014-10 1/28/2014 LCSW-28090 DENNIS J VANDERMAUSE COLBERT WA 99005 Final Board Order
SWO-2013-28 1/28/2014 LCSW-1159 BEATRICE CARROLL MERIDIAN ID 83642 Consent Order
SWO-2013-16 1/28/2014 LCSW-32469 CYNTHIA L WIKLE-MYHRO SPOKANE WA 99208 Consent Order
SWO-2013-1 1/28/2014 LMSW-25562 LESA HUFF POST FALLS ID 83854 Consent Order
SWO-2013-23 10/22/2013 LCSW-28826 SHAWN JOYCE BRILEY MCCALL ID 83638 Consent Order
SWO-2013-20 10/22/2013 LMSW-1395 DENISE M METZGER POST FALLS ID 83877 Consent Order
SWO-2013-8 9/25/2013 LMSW-29060 MARGOT J TAYLOR BOISE ID 83712 Board Order to Suspend
SWO-2014-2 8/13/2013 LSWI-27227 KEN CURTIS BOISE ID 83706 Final Board Order
SWO-2013-17 8/13/2013 LSW-24726 JANESE WADE-CARTER POCATELLO ID 83201 Consent Order
SWO-2013-15 8/13/2013 LSW-2343 KAREN M THOMPSON-CLARKE SALMON ID 83467 Consent Order
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