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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
SWO-2017-6 4/25/2017 LMSW-30768 STEPHANIE LYNN RUGGIERO - BODDEN LEWISTON ID 83501 Consent Order
SWO-2017-5 4/25/2017 LMSW-30618 DEBRA J STACE BOISE ID 83713 Consent Order
SWO-2017-2 4/25/2017 LMSW-29780 KENNETH M BURNHAM TWIN FALLS ID 83301 Consent Order
SWO-2017-1 4/25/2017 LMSW-32300 MELISSA A GROSECLOSE CLARKSTON WA 99403 Final Board Order
SWO-2016-14 4/25/2017 LMSW-31713 MARK STEVEN NELSON TWIN FALLS ID 83301 Consent Order
SWO-2017-3 1/24/2017 LCSW-31699 LINDA SNELL LEWISTON ID 83501 Consent Order
SWO-2016-7 1/24/2017 LCSW-25602 RICK A HEIKKILA NAMPA ID 83687 Consent Order
SWO-2016-15 11/10/2016 LMSW-32768 ABEL GRIMALDO BOISE ID 83702 Final Board Order
SWO-2016-11 10/25/2016 LSW-29778 KRISTEN MICHELLE BERTRAND BOISE ID 83704 Final Board Order
SWO-2016-16 7/26/2016 LCSW-32616 BECKY S BOCK POCATELLO ID 83204 Consent Order
SWO-2015-5 5/2/2016 LMSW-30064 DUANE E BRODERICK RUPERT ID 83350 Final Board Order
SWO-2016-13 4/26/2016 LMSW-30241 GREGORY WARREN PLANO ONTARIO OR 97914 Final Board Order
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