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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
RCA-2016-2 10/29/2015 RCA-1665 CARISSA DAWN GASSER IDAHO FALLS ID 83401 CE non-compliance
RCA-2015-12 10/29/2015 TRCA-1946 ANTHONY JEFFRY JOHNSON BELLEVUE ID 83313 Final Board Order
RCA-2015-8 7/16/2015 RCA-1012 MALYNDA LEE SEILER IDAHO FALLS ID 83401 Consent Order
RCA-2015-6 4/23/2015 RCA-1612 BRENNEN H MERAS NAMPA ID 83686 Consent Order
RCA-2015-3 4/23/2015 RCA-956 JERRY LYNN BOWLIN LEWISTON ID 83501 Consent Order
RCA-2015-10 4/23/2015 RCA-1408 MELISSA ANNE FUSTOS TWIN FALLS ID 83301 Final Board Order
RCA-2015-2 1/22/2015 RCA-1300 KATHERINE ANN ADAMS JEROME ID 83338 Consent Order
RCA-2014-1 11/19/2014 RCA-1778 DANIEL R. TAYLOR HARRISON ID 83833 Final Board Order
RCA-2015-5 10/9/2014 RCA-986 SHANNON R MILLER MARSING ID 83639 Final Board Order
RCA-2014-9 10/9/2014 RCA-1545 TIFFANY SNOOKS STAR ID 83669 Consent Order
RCA-2014-8 10/9/2014 RCA-1625 KATHLEEN CHMURA HAYDEN ID 83835 CE non-compliance
RCA-2014-7 10/9/2014 RCA-244 PATRICIA S GOODING BOISE ID 83712 Consent Order
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