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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
RCA-2018-3 10/19/2017 RCA-1766 AMY KAY ROBINSON MERIDIAN ID 83646 CE non-compliance
RCA-2018-2 10/19/2017 RCA-1007 LINDA L THOMSON TWIN FALLS ID 83301 Final Board Order
RCA-2017-6 7/13/2017 RCA-1854 JULIE A PENDLETON-BROWN SHOSHONE ID 83352 Consent Order
RCA-2017-5 7/13/2017 RCA-1414 JILL A. WILLIAMS IDAHO FALLS ID 83402 Consent Order
RCA-2017-4 7/13/2017 RCA-1175 JEFFREY P MIKESELL RATHDRUM ID 83858 Consent Order
RCA-2017-2 7/13/2017 RCA-1950 JENNA MICHELLE GOVE HAYDEN ID 83835 Final Board Order
RCA-2017-1 7/13/2017 RCA-1123 REBECCA L SKALA SPIRIT LAKE ID 83869 Consent Order
RCA-2016-9 7/13/2017 RCA-1806 STEPHANIE KILPATRICK RATHDRUM ID 83858 Consent Order
RCA-2016-8 4/13/2017 RCA-1694 SONDRA MAY WINTER NAMPA ID 83687 Consent Order
RCA-2016-10 4/13/2017 RCA-1776 JOSEPH ALAN HUSKINSON REXBURG ID 83440 Consent Order
RCA-2016-7 7/28/2016 RCA-1131 SAMUEL L STODDARD REXBURG ID 83440 Consent Order
RCA-2016-6 4/14/2016 RCA-11 CHARLENE HUMPHERYS MOUNTAIN HOME ID 83647 Consent Order
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