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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
PSY-2016-1 11/21/2016 PSY-202423 HEATH SOMMER TRAVIS AFB CA 94535 Consent Order
PSY-2014-2 4/20/2016 PSY-202623 GREGORY CHARLES DILSAVER PSY.D. COEUR D ALENE ID 83814 Final Board Order
PSY-2015-3 2/12/2016 PSY-202122 BREK A PILLING BURLEY ID 83318 Consent Order
PSY-2015-5 10/23/2015 SE-202090 KAROLYNE S ROGERS PHD COEUR D ALENE ID 83814 Consent Order
PSY-2015-4 10/23/2015 PSY-56 ROGER C EHLERT PH D COEUR D ALENE ID 83815 Consent Order
PSY-2014-1 9/12/2014 PSY-338 JOSEPH A LIPETZKY PSY D BOISE ID 83704 Consent Order
PSY-2013-5 7/11/2014 PSY-202207 JAMES A TYSON ALMO ID 83312 Consent Order
PSY-2013-1 3/14/2014 PSY-206 CHARLES M RICE PH D BOISE ID 83704 Consent Order
PSY-2013-3 9/27/2013 PSY-202202 MARGARET C GWIN PSY. D. BOISE ID 83705 Consent Order
PSY-2013-4 4/25/2013 PSY-318 PAMELA J BAGLIEN PH D SALMON ID 83467 Consent Order
PSY-2011-8 4/25/2013 PSY-202131 TYLER T WHITNEY PSY. D. ALPHARETTA GA 30009 Consent Order
PSY-2012-3 1/17/2013 PSY-202138 BRAD W. LEVITT PSY.D. PAYETTE ID 83661 Consent Order
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