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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
PHT-2016-5 8/19/2016 PT-1656 IVANKA CAROLINE KURAN COEUR D ALENE ID 83814 Consent Order
PHT-2016-12 8/19/2016 PT-1026 BRADLEY CLAIR WILLIAMS TWIN FALLS ID 83301 Consent Order
PHT-2016-7 5/20/2016 PT-1522 BRIAN TODD HEATON MIDDLETON ID 83644 Consent Order
PHT-2016-6 5/20/2016 PT-1868 WILLIAM MILO GRIFFIN MOSCOW ID 83843 Consent Order
PHT-2016-4 5/20/2016 PTA-2779 BRADLEY MICHAEL HRUZA SAINT MARIES ID 83861 Consent Order
PHT-2016-3 5/20/2016 PT-4302 ERIC REED MCEVOY MERIDIAN ID 83646 Consent Order
PHT-2016-10 5/20/2016 PTA-374 BREKELL VAUGHAN POCATELLO ID 83201 CE non-compliance
PHT-2016-1 5/20/2016 PT-1627 JENNIFER ANNE MALLOY GAERTNER COEUR D ALENE ID 83814 Consent Order
PHT-2015-3 3/9/2016 PT-1097 CHRISTINE M RUST SANDPOINT ID 83864 Consent Order
PHT-2016-8 2/19/2016 PTA-072 TERESA ANNE KRUEGER ALBUQUERQUE NM 87112 CE non-compliance
PHT-2015-4 11/20/2015 PT-3249 MICHAEL PARKIN LEININGER TWIN FALLS ID 83301 Consent Order
PHT-2015-2 5/15/2015 PTA-296 CHRISTIAN DALE REECE NAMPA ID 83651 Consent Order
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