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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
COU-2017-4 10/12/2017 LMFT-2959 OLIVIA MARIE HOLLY BOISE ID 83702 Consent Order
COU-2017-3 10/12/2017 LCPC-240 OLIVIA MARIE HOLLY BOISE ID 83702 Consent Order
COU-2017-16 10/12/2017 LPC-4410 MICHAEL W REED BOISE ID 83704 Consent Order
COU-2017-11 10/12/2017 LCPC-4707 NANCY B BENTLEY CHUBBUCK ID 83202 Consent Order
COU-2016-8 7/21/2017 LMFT-4156 MELANIE F WELCH IDAHO FALLS ID 83402 Final Board Order
COU-2017-8 7/20/2017 LPC-5063 MICHAEL D MARKUS CATALDO ID 83810 Consent Order
COU-2017-12 7/20/2017 LCPC-4875 JUSTIN DEAN ZIERKE SHELLEY ID 83274 Consent Order
COU-2016-7 2/24/2017 LCPC-3670 VICTORIA ANN PURVIANCE COEUR D ALENE ID 83814 Consent Order
COU-2016-9 2/23/2017 LCPC-3129 RAY EDWARD CAMMACK M.ED. MERIDIAN ID 83642 Consent Order
COU-2016-13 2/23/2017 LCPC-3292 JOAN I. KAUFFMAN TWIN FALLS ID 83301 Consent Order
COU-2016-11 2/3/2017 LCPC-3589 JEFFREY J SITEK HAUSER ID 83854 Final Board Order
COU-2017-1 10/13/2016 LPC-927 BRYCE R. OWEN M.COUN. REXBURG ID 83440 Final Board Order
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