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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
COU-2016-21 7/14/2016 LPC-4751 JEREMY BLADES BOISE ID 83713 Final Board Order
COU-2016-5 5/5/2016 LCPCI-4465 CLARK RICHMAN COEUR D ALENE ID 83816 Consent Order
COU-2015-13 2/25/2016 LCPC-3943 ROSALIE N. JOHNSTON COEUR D ALENE ID 83814 Consent Order
COU-2015-3 10/15/2015 LCPC-206 JOANN KOESTER IDAHO FALLS ID 83402 Consent Order
COU-2015-12 10/15/2015 LMFT-4923 MELANIE K HOOD BOISE ID 83702 Order to Revoke License
COU-2015-11 10/15/2015 LPC-4899 MELANIE K HOOD BOISE ID 83702 Order to Revoke License
COU-2014-26 10/15/2015 LCPC-3873 LYNN A FRALEY MOSCOW ID 83843 Consent Order
COU-2015-4 5/28/2015 LCPC-35 MARILOVE CHALLENGER BOISE ID 83702 Consent Order
COU-2014-25 5/28/2015 LCPC-83 CHARLES K BUNCH PH.D. BOISE ID 83705 Consent Order
COU-2014-12 4/1/2015 LPC-4567 LUCY WILLS TWIN FALLS ID 83301 Final Board Order
COU-2014-31 2/5/2015 LCPC-303 MARINA JORGE ELLIS POCATELLO ID 83202 Consent Order
COU-2014-23 2/5/2015 LCPC-2838 KIMBERLY L. HUDLET BOISE ID 83706 CE non-compliance
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