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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
CHI-2017-6 11/6/2017 CHIA-1203 BRADY M WIRICK D.C. IDAHO FALLS ID 83404 Consent Order
CHI-2017-7 8/11/2017 CHIA-822 DANIEL LEE MOORE D C BONNERS FERRY ID 83805 Consent Order
CHI-2017-5 6/23/2017 CHIA-1181 LANCE S INGWERSEN D.C. SALMON ID 83467 Consent Order
CHI-2017-4 6/23/2017 CHIA-1410 STEVEN P BORDERS D.C. COEUR D ALENE ID 83815 Consent Order
CHI-2016-6 6/23/2017 CHIA-1377 STEVEN JAMES KILLION D.C. AMMON ID 83406 Consent Order
CHI-2017-1 3/3/2017 CHIA-1469 ERIC ALLEN LEE D.C. FRESNO CA 93726 Final Board Order
CHI-2017-2 1/6/2017 CHIA-721 ROBERT MAX JOHNSON JR , D C TWIN FALLS ID 83303 Final Board Order
CHI-2016-4 12/8/2016 CHIA-1389 BURK AARON THOMAS D.C. DALTON GARDENS ID 83815 Final Board Order
CHI-2016-3 10/28/2016 CHIA-990 ROSALINDA GALLEGOS MAIN CALDWELL ID 83607 Consent Order
CHI-2016-5 6/3/2016 CHIA-1205 BARRY G SHERWOOD D.C. BOISE ID 83704 CE non-compliance
CHI-2016-2 3/11/2016 CHIA-1123 DOUGLAS WAYNE BREWER D.C. MERIDIAN ID 83642 Consent Order
CHI-2014-2 3/11/2016 CHIA-1201 JOSHUA G STROH D.C. MERIDIAN ID 83642 Consent Order
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