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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
CHI-2015-7 1/29/2016 CHIA-849 GREGORY B CALLIS D C MERIDIAN ID 83642 Consent Order
CHI-2015-5 1/29/2016 CHIA-1305 JARED L HANSON D.C. MERIDIAN ID 83642 Consent Order
CHI-2014-13 1/29/2016 CHIA-840 MICHAEL ANTHONY SMITH D C POST FALLS ID 83854 Consent Order
CHI-2015-6 10/6/2015 CHIA-1293 JASON CHARLES LEE D.C. MERIDIAN ID 83646 Consent Order
CHI-2015-4 9/3/2015 CHIA-1374 RYAN DUANE JONES D.C. REXBURG ID 83440 Consent Order
CHI-2014-15 6/15/2015 CHIA-951 RIAN "ROOK" TORRES DC BOISE ID 83703 Consent Order
CHI-2010-7 5/5/2015 CHIA-428 LAVERLE E BRESHEARS D C BOISE ID 83704 Final Board Order
CHI-2015-3 5/1/2015 CHIA-872 JEFF R RODERICK D.C. REXBURG ID 83440 Consent Order
CHI-2014-8 2/2/2015 CHIA-1193 VICTOR M SANCHEZ BOISE ID 83713 Consent Order
CHI-2013-2 8/22/2014 CHIA-738 CORY SCOT HAWKINS D C BOISE ID 83714 Consent Order
CHI-2014-4 8/1/2014 CHIA-1089 KIMBALL TELFORD LUNDAHL D.C. MERIDIAN ID 83642 Consent Order
CHI-2014-12 5/19/2014 CHIA-377 SPENCER G WILLIAMS D C TWIN FALLS ID 83301 Consent Order
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