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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
BCB-2020-2 8/5/2019 CSC-259869 KAELIN AT HAIR UNLIMITED SANDPOINT ID 83864 Consent Order
BCB-2020-1 8/5/2019 RC-12459 RAE ANN FRY SANDPOINT ID 83864 Consent Order
BCB-2019-213 8/5/2019 CS-267597 THE NAIL LOUNGE COEUR D ALENE ID 83815 Consent Order
BCB-2019-212 8/5/2019 RC-263748 YEN NGOC HUYNH RATHDRUM ID 83858 Consent Order
BCB-2019-201 8/5/2019 CSC-269012 ABBY ROBERTS HAIR MERIDIAN ID 83642 Consent Order
BCB-2019-200 8/5/2019 RC-262909 ABBY LEIGH ROBERTS MERIDIAN ID 83642 Consent Order
BCB-2019-188 8/5/2019 RD-247312 BUTH NA BODHAIGE INC DBA THE BODY SHOP BOISE ID 83704 Consent Order
BCB-2019-92 7/24/2019 CI-242066 LAURA NICOLE YINQUEZ TWIN FALLS ID 83301 Final Board Order
BCB-2019-63 7/24/2019 CI-18098 SAMANTHA DONICA MERIDIAN ID 83642 Final Board Order
BCB-2019-41 7/24/2019 RC-250937 KELLY ANN BLAKLEY BOISE ID 83705 Final Board Order
BCB-2018-246 7/24/2019 RC-21395 F MAGDALENE STEWART BOISE ID 83706 Final Board Order
BCB-2019-205 7/1/2019 CS-264918 SALON 505 RUPERT ID 83350 Consent Order
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