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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
BAR-2015-3 7/14/2015 BS-239827-D RYAN SALAMON BOISE ID 83702 Consent Order
BAR-2015-2 7/14/2015 B-239724 RYAN SALAMON BOISE ID 83705 Consent Order
BAR-2015-5 7/13/2015 BS-239912-A VALENTINOS HAIR CUT UP BOISE ID 83702 Consent Order
BAR-2015-4 7/13/2015 B-239750 ARYN TYLER KINNEMORE BOISE ID 83706 Consent Order
BAR-2014-3 10/3/2014 B-239499 FLETCHER DAN FOUNTAIN BOISE ID 83704 Consent Order
BAR-2015-1 8/13/2014 B-239402 JAMES V ACARREGUI MOUNTAIN HOME ID 83647 Suspended - non-payment of Child Support
BAR-2014-8 7/14/2014 BS-239864 A THIN LINE BARBER SHOP COEUR D ALENE ID 83814 Consent Order
BAR-2014-7 7/14/2014 B-239840 HERCULES L. GAINES COEUR D ALENE ID 83815 Consent Order
BAR-2014-6 7/14/2014 B-239616 RUBY K MASUTOMI-FINCHAM MOUNTAIN HOME ID 83647 Consent Order
BAR-2014-4 3/10/2014 BS-884 RANDYS BARBER SHOP FRUITLAND ID 83619 Consent Order
BAR-2013-4 11/4/2013 B-239356 BRIDGETTE A LONGWILL MARSING ID 83639 Consent Order
BAR-2013-3 11/4/2013 B-232761 ANDREW TOBIAS SOLBERG POST FALLS ID 83854 Consent Order
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