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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
ARC-2019-3 3/22/2019 AR-985043 BRYAN SCOTT GILBREATH BOISE ID 83702 CE non-compliance
ARC-2018-3 1/31/2019 AR-986412 JAMES GREGORY REAVES CAMBRIDGE MA 02141 Consent Order
ARC-2019-2 10/19/2018 AR-1516 RICK L JONES NORTH BEND WA 98045 Consent Order
ARC-2018-2 10/19/2018 AR-985573 PHILLIP CHARLES PECORD MEMPHIS TN 38101 Consent Order
ARC-2019-1 8/24/2018 AR-1658 JOHN L KALOUSEK MOUNTAIN BROOK AL 35223 CE non-compliance
ARC-2018-1 10/27/2017 AR-2153 LAWRENCE CHRISTOPHER LARAWAY JR STAR ID 83669 CE non-compliance
ARC-2016-1 10/27/2017 AR-2151 HAL W JENSEN POCATELLO ID 83201 Order to Revoke License
ARC-2016-5 7/29/2016 AR-984401 ALAN S GODFREY BILLINGS MT 59108 Consent Order
ARC-2013-5 4/19/2014 AR-2560 MATTHEW HUFFIELD BOISE ID 83702 CE non-compliance
ARC-2013-1 10/19/2012 AR-2143 STEPHEN MICHAEL LHEUREUX GREAT FALLS MT 59401 Consent Order
ARC-2012-4 10/19/2012 AR-984064 MARK J LATHAM POST FALLS ID 83854 Consent Order
ARC-2012-3 3/28/2012 AR-985024 MORRELL K BEATTIE AMMON ID 83406 Consent Order
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