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  Case No Action Date License Licensee Name City Determination
ACU-2015-4 7/10/2015 ACC-77 CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM FISHER BOISE ID 83704 CE non-compliance
ACU-2013-2 6/28/2013 ACC-55 ANNE M BRIGGS D C BOISE ID 83713 CE non-compliance
ACU-2009-2 8/5/2011 ACU-128 LANA J PETERSON PRIEST RIVER ID 83856 Final Board Order
ACU-2010-2 4/25/2011 ACU-146 BETSY K WISS BOISE ID 83703 Consent Order
ACU-2011-2 10/15/2010 ACC-202 CLIFTON C. ANDREWS DC MOUNTAIN HOME ID 83647 CE non-compliance
ACU-2010-4 10/15/2010 ACC-195 RICHARD A.M. POWELL TWIN FALLS ID 83301 CE non-compliance
ACU-2010-3 8/13/2010 ACU-165 VERONICA ANN RHEINHART KETCHUM ID 83340 CE non-compliance
ACU-2009-1 6/3/2010 ACU-132 RACHEL L SMITH MCCALL ID 83638 CE non-compliance
ACU-2009-10 1/19/2010 ACU-6 SHELAGH SHANNON FOLEY COCOLALLA ID 83813 CE non-compliance
ACU-2009-3 11/16/2009 ACU-45 BILLIE ARLT PRESTON ID 83263 CE non-compliance
ACU-2009-4 5/29/2009 ACU-140 CHRISTINA VAN DER MEULEN BELLEVUE ID 83313 Consent Order
ACU-2009-9 5/8/2009 ACU-144 DOUGLAS L WEGNER MERIDIAN ID 83642 CE non-compliance
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