DATE:            September 16, 2010


            TO:                  Idaho Board of Architectural Examiners


            SUBJECT:      Investigative Report



Fiscal Year 2011 (to date)

            Total Complaints received                                                                                                 3

                        (Including 2 CE audit files.)


                        Pending Legal Review                                                                                1

                        Remaining under investigation                                                                  2


Fiscal Year 2010

            Total Complaints received                                                                                               24

                        (Including 15 CE audit files.)


                        Closed by Board action                                                                              7

                        Closed following disciplinary action                                                        7

                        Pending Legal Review                                                                                3

                        Pending IBOL disciplinary action                                                             1

                        Remaining under investigation                                                                  4

                        Awaiting Board determination                                                                   2


Fiscal Year 2009

            Total Complaints received                                                                                               34

                        (Including 23 CE audit files.)


                        Closed by Board action                                                                            17

                        Closed following disciplinary action                                                      11

                        Pending Legal Review                                                                                5

                        Remaining under investigation                                                                  1


Fiscal Year 2008

            Total Complaints received                                                                                               11


                        Closed by Board action                                                                              6

                        Closed following disciplinary action                                                        4

                        Pending Legal Review                                                                                1


Fiscal Year 2007

            Total Complaints received                                                                                                 6


                        Closed by Board action                                                                              3

                        Closed following disciplinary action                                                        2

                        Pending Legal Review                                                                                1


For Board Determination:


I-ARC-2010-22 and I-ARC-2010-23  C provided documentation showing that Rs, who are not licensed architects, provided architectural services for an apartment 4-plex.  In response to a letter from IBOL, Rs stated that on occasion the company has provided “limited planning and drafting services at the client’s request for specific projects.”  Rs stated that it was their understanding, “subject to correction,” that “basic drafting services do not constitute the practice of architecture services.”  Rs stated that Rs provided revisions to the 4-plex drawings and because the 4-plex is located in a jurisdiction that does not require review of building plans or permits, Rs assumed that the company had complied with all applicable requirements.  Rs stated that they learned after the project was completed that a 4-plex “crosses the line” and Idaho law required a licensed architect be engaged.  Rs stated that the company “did not attempt to provide, and did not charge for, the scope which defines architectural services.”  IBOL recommends that the Board authorize closure with a warning letter to Rs, advising Rs that any further reports of unlicensed practice will be forwarded to the local county prosecutor.